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Man Cleaning Car

The Gold Service Detail

We come to you.

Outside the vehicle 

•    Steam Wash & Microfibre towel drying
•    Bug, tar and spot removal

•    Decontamination of paintwork

•    Cut & Polish for light swirl reduction and gloss enhancement

•    Long-lasting Wax
•    All exterior plastic and trims cleaned, dressed
•    Clean mirrors and windows
•    Water repelling treatment for windshield
•    Door and Boot jambs steam cleaned
•    Clean fuel door and cap area
•    Tyre walls rejuvenated
•    Wheels cleaned

Inside the vehicle 
•    Clean all mirrors and windows
•    Vacuum & Steam Clean the carpets, mats, seats & deodorize 
•    All interior plastic and trims cleaned, dressed & sanitised
•    Arm rest, glove box, sun visors, cleaned, dressed & sanitised
•    Door panels and handles detailed
•    All interior plastic and trims cleaned dressed & sanitized
•    Clean steering wheel, dashboard, centre console
•    Steam clean and sanitize all seats

•    Steam clean and sanitize all seatbelts
•    Any leather seating will be cleaned and conditioned.
•    Sanitize ventilation system
•    Foot pedals cleaned and sanitised


**An additional fee may apply to excessive pet hair, soiling or stain removal

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